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Parking Downtown Boston

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Visit Downtown Boston

Our guide to downtown Boston is not just about how tough it is to find a parking spot, though we’ll get to that! (Parking in downtown anywhere is a challenge).

Downtown Boston is an eclectic marriage of the historic traditions of the city, and the vibrant, modern businesses that thrive in this small area. Not only is downtown Boston the location of many of the city, state and regional company headquarters, as well as federal government buildings, it’s also a bustling tourist location and has a thriving nightlife. It’s busy than ever thanks to the massive transformation project undertaken by the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District. It’s also become a popular residential neighborhood in Boston with condo and loft development on a large scale.

Bordered by Back Bay, Beacon Hill and North and South End, the neighborhood is the literal heart of the city.

Parking in Downtown

Cobbled, narrow, one-way streets might make for a beautiful setting, but it does mean that driving into downtown Boston for a meeting or to enjoy a night out can be somewhat of a challenge. On-street parking in downtown Boston is nearly impossible to find, yet very easy to get a fine! The best routes into the area are Route 1 /I-93, exit towards South Station (Exit 20A) and turn right on Summer Street, which is in the heart of downtown. Lincoln Street from the south and Washington Street are also great alternative routes to get into the area. Top Parking Tip in Boston – Plan ahead, book ahead. Use the interactive map to find parking, the comparison chart to get the best rates and reserve your parking ahead of time.

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