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Chinatown/South Station Parking

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Chinatown, Boston

Boston’s Chinatown is a vibrant, bustling neighborhood and is the third largest Chinatown in the United States.

The neighborhood attracts visitors from around the globe, and with its convenient location near downtown Boston and the Financial District, it’s a popular choice for Bostonians as well. Walking through the ornate, traditional Boston Chinatown gates, you know you’re in for a cultural, gastronomical and entertaining visit.

Top attractions in Chinatown are the Hayden Building and China Pearl. The Chinese New Year and Parade, as well as the August Moon Festival are extremely popular and form a part of the Boston event calendar.

Finding Parking in Boston Chinatown

Reserve your Chinatown parking ahead of time at 99 Summer Street Garage or park at the Chinatown Garage at 125 Lincoln Street on the day. As with many of the neighborhoods in Boston, on-street parking is difficult to find and reserving your spot in advance ensures that you don’t waste any time driving around, but can head of to experience the delights of Chinatown. Two Financial Center Garage on South Street offers great rates on Friday evenings and over the weekend.

Amtrak Parking

Also in the area is the Boston South Station, located at 2 South Station. Daily parking and reserved parking is available within a short walking distance from the station – simply park your vehicle at SP+ and take the train to your destination!